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February Spotlight: COO Mark Rose

Before transportation our COO, Mark Rose, was very active with sports. In 1978 Mark was a star baseball player at Kerman High! He played baseball all throughout high school and college. His passion for sports continued after he was done playing baseball and started managing a sports store. He did so well with managing that the company even offered him a position opening a new store in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Mark ended up flying out there and was setting up the store, but came right back after 5 days of being there... he just couldn't see himself anywhere else besides the Central Valley.

Mark has been in the transportation business for almost 40 years!! After he stopped working at the sports store, Julie brought him over to TLC and started in dispatch.

He then found a whole new love for being in the trucking business. When he started working at TLC he didn't even have his own desk; he shared one with a coworker. Mark really worked his way up within the company and temporarily took over the operations portion of it. When Julie started Red Rose, Mark came over with her and became the COO.

*FUN FACT*- Mark is Julianne's brother!

When Mark was younger, he used to rock a mullet and competed in several body-building competitions. To this day, you can still find him in the gym doing some type of crazy workout. During his free time you can catch him walking his 2 dogs, or spending time with his wife, Rebecca, and their 6 cats. We are very lucky to have you, and appreciate everything you do for us!

Happy 37th work anniversary!

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