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January Spotlight- CEO Julianne

Looking back on Julianne's adventures in dispatch and the transportation business, she has so many accomplishments to be proud of. Starting a business from the ground up and running it successfully, all while traveling with Dominic and Giovanni for racing is not an easy thing to do. She's traveled all around the US and even as far as Perth, Western Australia.

Nothing in life comes easy. If it did, then it wouldn't quite as rewarding. Being a business owner is not something everyone can do. It doesn’t mean you just sit back and watch from afar. It takes a lot of hard work – and Julianne never stops working! She continuously stays active in all aspects of her business, even working from home when necessary. Her employees will tell you that she also makes herself available to them whenever they need advice or even just an ear to vent. Her dedication never goes unnoticed.

Julianne is always on the go, but I don’t think she would have it any other way. Recently, in 2021, she became a grandmother to a sweet little girl named Stella. She keeps grandma on her toes, but definitely lights up her world.

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